Are Male Enhancement Exercises Effective?

Penis size is of supreme importance for men as it symbolises their masculinity, strength and stamina. A long penis makes men feel secure and confident in all areas of life.

With newfound confidence, men can experiment with varied sex positions to please their partners and redeem their sex lives.

There isn’t a man in this world who hasn’t wished that his manhood were an inch or two longer as confessed by a professor of urologic surgery at Harvard Medical School.

Do You Actually Need An Enlarged Penis?

Before you embark on a search for penis enlargement exercises, determine if your penis is small or just normal. Usually more than half of the men are dissatisfied with their penis’s size or take some highly recommended pills which are effective.

Some men do actually suffer from a condition called ‘micro penis’. Under this condition their penis is less than 3 inches in length. If your penis is 5 inches in length, then you don’t really need any exercises.

Putting it simply, penis workouts are exercises made to facilitate modification within the penis. If you still feel that you can take a little help, these are the options to consider

Exercises That Can Help

  • Jelqing/ milking

  • Kegels

  • Compression

  • Stretching

Pros of These Exercises?

  • Strengthen Your Penile Muscles

  • Increase Ejaculation Power

  • Increase The Length And Girth Of Your Penis

  • Provide Greater Sexual Stamina

  • Bestow Permanent Enlargement

It Is Important To ‘Warm Up’ Before Getting Into Full Exercise Mode

7-10 minutes prior to any exercise, you ought to warm up your penis to get it ready for a strenuous workout. You can follow these tips:

  • Rub your hands against each other to warm them up and wrap them around your penis

  • Take a warmed-up rice-filled sock and insert your penis in it

  • Take hot water bath

Cons Of Penis Enlargement Exercises

There aren’t any drawbacks of such exercises though you must take some precautions while performing them.

Don’t be erratic otherwise you might end up doing a permanent damage to your organ. Be very careful and gentle. Over pulling or incorrect pulling may cause a great deformity in your shaft.

How Long Will They Take To Show Results ?

These exercise may take a long time to show results. You have to be consistent and extremely attentive while doing them.

What Else Can You Do For A Longer Manhood?

The market is flooded with many top male enhancement products such as gels, pills, and surgeries which can give you desired results.

These exercises though are easy-to-do and do not require anything except an empty room but they do have many ifs and buts. If you do not find time, you can go for any of the methods mentioned above.

One of the effective natural male enhancement supplement these days is Zyrec Male Enhancement It is blend of top notch ingredients which may help you to redeem your sexual youthfulness.

Other Things That Can Help

Eat natural penis-friendly foods like Onion, Salmon, Bananas, Broccoli, Honey, Dark Chocolate. These foods are beneficial for your penis. They increase the flow of blood in your whole body and hence penis. some others help boost your testosterone levels and sexual efficiency.


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